Ian Roven is an Attorney who practices in Business, Real Estate and Electronic Sports ("eSports").  

eSports is a rapidly growing industry and Ian Roven strives to be at the helm.


eSports is a rapidly growing industry with a plethora of moving parts. Ian devotes a significant amount of time understanding and anticipating the future of competitive electronic video-gaming as well as being an ally to e-athletes on the other side of eSports. #oneofus

What is eSports?


Need a business lawyer to help you start-up or reorganize? No problem. Navigating various formation laws and management duties can be a hassle. Give the Law Office of Ian Roven the task of helping your business run smoother!

Real Estate

Prior to law school, Ian obtained a real estate broker's license and worked in the commercial, luxury, and single-family residence markets. He uses this knowledge to provide a well-rounded practical and legal experience for his clients.

Kickstart Your Business

Ian believes every good business has the potential to be great. With a little teamwork in management and structure, we can build a solid, thriving business!

Legal Services

Contract Workups

Having substantial experience working within traditional office software, Ian has found a niche in bringing businesses and other attorneys into the 21st Century. Whether it be through his formatting, model drafting, or actually creating content, Ian keeps your agreements organized and easy to navigate.

Business Formation and Management

For those looking to put great ideas to work and start-up a business that changes lives, as well as those in need of some help in understanding various regulations and issues affecting businesses


In need of assistance in both business and real estate transactions?  Ian Roven, Esq. comes equipped with the knowledge and diligence to help get the sales through.

eSports Consultant

Ian has never concealed his passion and respect for his fellow gamers and, as a result, has gained a host of knowledge from both inside and outside the gaming community.

About Ian

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Ian decided to pursue a career in real estate sales by obtaining a real estate broker's license.  After several years in real estate, and realizing the pitfalls of not fully understanding the laws governing real estate in California, Ian made the decision to apply to law school in order to become a real estate and business attorney.  

In between being a broker and law school, Ian noticed his talent for online strategy games, most notably World of Tanks.  This talent culminated in Ian competing in a world tournament in Moscow, Russia where he noticed a multitude of video-gamers who could use some help from an attorney/consultant to become more professional and make more money out of their talents. 

Due to his own competitive gaming experiences and the ever-increasing population of video-gamers and drone pilots, Ian believes eSports is the next major marketplace for opportunity, from virtual reality to international drone and video game competitions.

Intelligent, Diligent, and Knowledgeable

Ian on eSports and Drones

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